Desperate Financial Need

When you are called by the Lord you go.  If you don't you could end up like Jonah and no one we knows wants to sit in the belly of a fish for a few days.  The Lord has continuously provided for all the needs that we have had up to this point by allowing the courts to see that Dustin was really unable to work for two years. 

As you can imagine the funds that we had have been a blessing but as all good things come to an end things are looking rather bleak in the bank account.  We know that God uses times like this to stretch us and stretching it has been.

We have put together a rough monthly budget of what we need knowing that 90% of all moneys given come directly to us 7% goes to administration costs and 3% goes to fundraising.  As it stands currently we have to leave the country every 90 days and with a family of 5 it can become rather expensive.

  • Food  - $400usd
  • Phone Service - $100usd
  • Property Insurance - $40usd
  • Health & Wellness- $300usd
  • Water - $60usd
  • US Bills - $100usd
  • Travel - $1000usd

We have worked very hard to keep our budget doable and at $2000usd is what we currently need on a monthly basis. If you break that down thats;

  • 10 people at $200usd a month
  • 20 people at $100usd a month
  • 50 people at $40usd a month
  • 100 people at $20usd a month
  • 500 people at $4usd a month
  • 1000 people at $2usd a month
  • 2000 people at $1usd a month

As you can see any amount is a huge blessing.  We pray that you will partner with us in prayer over our finances and if you feel lead to make a monthly pledge or a one time pledge all will be gladly accepted and appreciated.