It’s Been Three Months Since You Looked at Me

Times of Refreshing

Well I thank you Lord that you are my Saviour

You’re my strength and you’re the rock on which I stand

You give me life and a grace that’s greater

When I humble myself beneath your mighty hand

You bring times of refreshing you bring times of refreshing

You bring times of refreshing to my soul

When I’m weary from the fight and trying to do what’s right

You bring times of refreshing to my soul


For the day will come when we’ll all be gathered

And the sun will rise with healing in its wings

And all the years of pain won’t seem to matter

When our eyes behold our Teacher and our King

©1994 Mercy/Vineyard Publishing


We have officially finished our first stretch of three months at the City of Refuge in Honduras and we are still just so in awe that we get to be here serving. God has had his hand in every aspect of our lives here and it is great to see Him working. 


Part of the rules for being in Honduras, unless you are a resident or citizen, you have to leave the country every 90 days and travel at least two borders away and stay for a minimum of 72 hours. Pretty much from the beginning our plan was to travel to Belize for our first trip away because it seemed to be the closest and most cost effective option for us. When you try to plan a trip from the States there are a whole lot of options available to you to be able to plan your trip yourself. We enlisted the help of local friends but understanding English and understanding context are two different things. We tried for two months to plan the trip but were not getting a lot of information. With only two days before we had to leave we ended up changing our plans from Belize to Costa Rica because there is a bus line that is safe and travels directly there with no side stops. We were supposed to have a friend travel with us to translate but that fell through due to him getting a job teaching English so we went on the adventure on our own. It started off with a gut clenching moment as the day we were supposed to leave to Nicaragua, Dustin realized he had left his passport in our friends backpack. Luckily the friend was able to come back that night and we caught the bus the next day. We found out once we were on the bus headed towards Nicaragua about entry and exit fees. We had very limited cash on us but what we had was just enough to cover the fees on the way to Costa Rica. Due to a late arriving bus we weren’t able to get dinner in Nicaragua but Megan had made sure we packed peanut butter and crackers to take with us so we were still able to eat something that night that left us feeling at least satisfied if not full. 

Costa Rica is an amazing and beautiful country. Megan has an uncle who lives there that we were able to spend time with every day. He showed us around the town of Quepos where we were staying and showed us his beautiful farm that he owns there. We were able to get in some quality time at the ocean playing in the waves and even getting to interact with some local monkeys. God really used that time to restore our spirits and make us long more for being back in Honduras. We were enjoying our vacation immensely but was actually anxious to get back to Honduras to be with the people have fallen in love with here. 

We are fairly fully loaded up with long term missionaries here now and have two more coming later this week. God is bringing together an amazing group of people that are all here to be servants and allow us to be used how the locals need us rather than trying to take charge and “Fixing it the American way.” We are truly humbled by the love we are shown and the relationships we are building with the people here.

How can you pray for us? We hate to keep mentioning it but money is still a huge need. We really want to be fully funded from our supporters rather than having to be paid by IMI. That way more of their money can go towards the projects and ministries here. You can also pray for Dustin and Megan’s relationship. They don’t get a lot of alone time here and going on dates is pretty much impossible. Pray that they will continue to grow in God together and that they will manage to find the alone time they need as a husband and wife. For Dustin please pray that he will know best how to instruct the kids in music and worship. Pray that he will continue to develop relationships with the community children as well. For Megan please pray for focus. There are many different areas that she can be serving and at times it gets overwhelming and none of them get accomplished. Pray that she will be able to prioritize her time and still be able to meet the role of mother for her own family. For Olivia and Maggie, pray for focus in school and for learning Spanish as well as to make more friends with the kids. For DJ please pray for resilience for his body, health in general and some good friends that he can attach to. He is having a real hard time with that right now and needs a couple friends that can just be his buddy. DJ is also having some attitude problems that stem from the lack of friends and the way things have changed and he is having respect problems. We know God has a plan for him here and just needs to be able to get through this phase.

We love you all and miss seeing your faces tremendously. We hope to see some of you this next year on a missions trip. Also be on the lookout for a video update soon. 


God bless you all,

The Miller Family