Back In Kisumu

Sat, 16 Jul 2011

Hello all.  Things are good and its great to be back in Kisumu. On Tuesday, the last day the CRF team was here, we went to Samabul which is a little town way out in the sticks.  Its about 50 kilometers from Eldoret. Right now they are working on raising the money to build a clinic. Currently a person must travel up 40 kilometers to get to a clinic or hospital. They have a lot of people, especially pregnant women, that make the journey, several of whom die on their way. They have raised 80,000 ksh and need about 3 million ksh. We left samabul just in time because as soon as we hit the paved road again we had torrential downpour and the roads to Samabul are all dirt.

We headed to Francis' house for dinner and for a surprise birthday party for Dr. Jones birthday. Afterwards we all headed back to the guest house to pack and get ready to leave the following morning.  On Wednesday I saw the team off to the airport and then went and had breakfast while waiting for Francis to come back and get me. He took me to the school and I did all the updates I could and such and then we went to POA place which is a small little wildlife look around... The animals are in cages and such but it was nice to see the animals I finally got onto a Matatu for the 2 hour trek back to Kisumu. 

Once I arrived I headed over to Jared's house where I will be staying for a while if not the rest of my time here. We had dinner and then he had to go to a meeting so I visited with his wife and then went to bed. I didn't have any power last night for my CPAP but I fixed that today.  

Today was work at the clinic for a little bit and then out into the field to do the VCT which is counseling and testing for HIV. We do this every week. Tomorrow should be a nice light day. I am just going to be working around the clinic and trying to get some stuff taken care of.  Well thats all for tonight...