Too Far Gone To Save

Thu, 21 Jul 2011

Hello everyone.   Today was a good and relaxing day which is exactly what i needed after these last two days. On Tuesday I read a message from Julie Rawlins regarding a lady that was HIV+ that some of the team had met when they were all here. Apparently she was laying on the floor and they thought that there may have been some human waste on the ground next too her. Julie asked me to look into it a little further because the lady that was suppose to be taking care of her wasn't and Julie had some people that wanted to comfort her because everyone felt that she was too far gone to save so they wanted her to die with dignity. I talked to Maurice about it because he's the one that knows all the HIV people and he knew exactly who i was talking about. Her name is Patricia and he said she is very very sick I also let Maurice know that Julie wanted me to pay someone to take care of Patricia. Again he knew exactly who to talk to her name is Rose. I told Maurice I wanted to meet Rose and Patricia today. He made the calls and setup a meeting for 2 pm. When we arrived nothing could prepare me for what I was about to see. Half of the home that Patricia was living in was demolished. Then when we went inside we could see that part of the roof had caved in. When we approached a room on our left we found Patricia laying on the floor naked and covered in dirt and human excrement. She was laying on a bamboo mat of sorts. We stayed for a few minutes and then left. We went and discussed what we needed to do and put that plan into action. We got her some clothes and stuff to wash her. I sent Rose back to bath her and clothe her. On Wednesday we took Patricia to the hospital and she looked better then she did on Tuesday. She was clean had clothes on and even had a hair cut. We spent almost all day at the hospital but at the end of the day she was admitted for care. The hospital makes me think of a hospital from the 1920's or something. There are 6 people to a room and all the rooms are open to the outside air. When we took Patricia up to her room we had to carry her and her wheelchair up 2 flights of stairs. I was just shocked about the hospital.  I edited this story there are a lot of details that were left out but if you want more detail i am happy to oblige. I just didn't feel that everyone would want all the graphic details.  Hope you all have a good day and i will keep you all updated as i get updated.