Update On Patricia

Patricia and Rose arrived at the Provincial General Hospital where we had booked her for registration to the patient support center at 9.30am.  At this point she was completely different from yesterday because she had her hair cut, she was bathed and in clean new clothes.  A confirmatory HIV test was done through P.I.T.C (Provider Initiated Testing and Counseling).  She was taken for history to be taken by the Clinical Officer. From her severe emaciation, the clinical officer recommended patient examination for a couple of days before she is allowed to go back home.  At the in-patient care she will be checked for CD4 count, liver and other organ functions; a complete examination.  Rose is staying with her until the evening.  After the evening hospital meal she will leave for home.  She will make a visit tomorrow to change her bedding which is not done by the nurses there, she will also ensure patricia gets her medicine and is attended to during hospital rounds.  A group therapy was done for Rose on behalf of Patricia which will help her overcome any trauma that may come with taking care of Patricia.  Rose will give me (Maurice) a daily report on the progress while she is in the hospital.  Myself, Josh, and other social workers will also make periodic visits to check on the progress both at home and in the hospital.


Patricia was put on I.V infusion without struggle as we had thought.  The doctor prescribed Oxybral.  Josh was able to facilitate this purchase.  The most urgent supply that was needed today included the following  sanitary towels for Patricia, pampers to ease cleaning on Patricia,  dental disinfectant for her septic woulds & surgical gloves for Rose's protection during cleaning.  All the above were bought with the help of Josh and delivered to the hospital.  A significant improvement could be noticed as Patricia became more active and social to the other ward mates, a lot of smiling was noticed even by the doctor during services Admirable note Rose was able to get to the Hospital by 6.00am to do early cleaning of Patricia before the nurses came for there rounds.  We thank God for her.  May God bless all this work.

Best regards,

Community VCT Worker at the Clinic